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for my final media project, i decided to focus on the way women choose to present themselves and the idea that victims of sexual assault should not be blamed because of the clothing they wear. that regardless of the amount of skin they choose to show, it does not excuse rape, ever, and it’s always the fault of the attacker.

i have taken 10 portraits of 10 girls, wearing various outfits. then, using photoshop, i erased the clothing to leave only skin exposed, highlighting the actual amount of skin shown.

by removing the clothing, it created an objective view of the body, and aims to remove stigma associated with certain items of clothing.

i aimed to question society’s perspective on rape culture and female promiscuity by asking  ”how much skin is too much skin?”

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Madame de Fer
drew some viv holding some orb thing or a rly big orange, idk your call ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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really i think the reason the onceler fandom was so bizarre was because it represented the ultimate conclusion of very proto typical fandom behaviour in a context that was absolutely not able to handle it and it demonstrates itself most effectively with the way oncest happened

because if you check the patterns you’ll see that the immediate characters and ships that everyone gravitates towards in any fandom are the most conventionally attractive guys that tend to be at the center of the work (but occasionally slightly off to the side); sam/dean in supernatural, john/sherlock in sherlock, john/karkat (arguably john/dave? its been a while) in homestuck, ishimaru/mondo in dr1 and hinata/komaeda in dr2, there’s one for teen wolf but i don’t know enough about it to remember what it was

basically that tends to be the pattern for it, but the problem with the lorax is that there was really only one character that fit that mold: the young onceler. who else is there? the lorax? that kid who’s the central character of the framing device for the film? o’hare? tree girl? all you have is this one guy

so in a furious attempt to create something out of nothing, oncest was born; the idea of shipping the young, innocent onceler shown in the films early sequences with his slightly older, (but still “pretty”) more evil self that is portrayed in the “how bad can i be” number (i believe this iteration was referred to as greedler).

but what about the people who don’t like that dynamic? what is there for them? just one guy again. so it began spiralling out of control, AUs upon AUs spawned for the million possible variations of one character, and shipping them with the original, and then shipping them with each other and ignoring the original, and then creating alternate versions of those that are so wildly different from the original canon that they might as well be something else entirely, and it just became this huge ouroboros of a fandom desperately trying to justify its own existence that was inevitably doomed to basically eat itself

its not so much that the onceler fandom is weird, but that fandom in general has bizarre behaviours and it took this one shitty animated film to really demonstrate that maybe we need to chill

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im so masochistic its terrible i cried while drawing this omg

based off this prompt that was sent to me by zackdoesart

But what if



It hurt. And then I reread it, and realized it was from the dog’s point of view. And now it hurts even more.

legit tears all over my keyboard.


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This diagram could save someone’s life!

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For structures that have no entry steps, ConvertaStep also makes ramps of three sizes that come in a manual as well as automatic version.

(via ConvertaStep | Wheelchair Accessibility | Ramps | Convertastep - Freedom In Mobility)

This welcome mat converts into a fully accessible wheelchair ramp. Beautiful and functional design. I want it.

Some more info, for people who are interested.

First of all, I can’t believe this has almost 3,000 notes. I’m so glad that people are sharing this - both as a cool design, and also as an important accessibility feature.

Thanks to pseudosoph for linking to additional info (above) regarding weight limits, lift height, and product background — the creator is a wheelchair user himself! Very cool stuff. Keep sharing!

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The issue with Fox’s misogyny toward female pilots is that it reinforces the very thing military women already deal with from male counterparts.

And veterans are speaking out.

Read an open letter to Fox about Eric Bolling’s “boobs on the ground” remark, written by U.S. military veterans from the Truman Nat’l Security project:

Before you jump to the standby excuse that you were “just making a joke” or “having a laugh,” let the men amongst our number preemptively respond: You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused. Perhaps the phrase “boys will be boys”—inevitably uttered wherever misogyny is present—is relevant. Men would never insult and demean a fellow servicemember; boys think saying the word ‘boobs’ is funny.

The less obvious implication of your remarks, however, is that by offending an ally and cheapening her contribution, you are actively hurting the mission. We need to send a clear message that anyone, male or female, who will stand up to ISIS and get the job done is worthy of our respect and gratitude.

We issue an apology on your behalf to Major Al Mansouri knowing that anything your producers force you to say will be contrived and insincere. Major, we’re sincerely sorry for the rudeness; clearly, these boys don’t take your service seriously, but we and the rest of the American public do.

Disclosure: Lisa Reed is a Media Matters employee. 

Remember: To the pigs at Fox (and their masters Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes) - and every man who thinks like them - a woman could find the cure for cancer or be a war hero, and she’d still be the focus of 1960s-era jokes about how women are brainless sex toys.

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Wow uhm, I think I have at least ten Sansa-related requests right now, so I hope you guys don’t mind I did these together. Two for this week — I think I’m finally getting the hang of this… *fist pump* Sophie Turner is so pretty! ;___;

holy shit

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I was looking for dark souls stuff and came across this.


Basically what the Ace Attorney games are all about.

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