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UPDATE: Flareon now available 

Through some unfortunate happenstance, I owe $1500 in tuition that I was not expecting to pay for and I’m having to sacrifice living expenses so I don’t get kicked out of my classes. To make up for that, I’ve decided to sell some of my pokemon plushes. All of them are genuine and in mint condition with their tush tags. The weavile is the only one without a hanging tag. I have more detailed photos of all of them and close-ups of the tags that I would be more than happy to upload by request. Just send me an ask if you would like them. I will ship world wide via UPS so every doll will come with a tracking number. If you send me an ask with your location I can give you a shipping quote. 

Prices from left to right:

Eevee Super DX Banpresto plush (Japan): $45

Sylveon Super DX Banpresto plush (Japan): $50

Ho-oh Pokedoll (USA): $35

Raikou Pokedoll (USA): $30

Riolu Pokedoll (USA): $35

Leafeon Pokedoll (USA): $35

Celebi Pokedoll (USA): $30

Umbreon Pokedoll (USA): $35

Weavile Pokedoll (Japan): $55

Zoroark pokedoll  (USA): $30

Flareon pokedoll (USA): $30

All of my prices are based on average selling prices from what I’ve seen around the internet. Because of my situation I can’t really afford to haggle so they’re as is. Depending on how my situation changes, I may also need to sell more so keep checking in just in case. Also, if there’s any pokedoll you need help finding, I’m very good at getting a hold of hard to find dolls so I’d be more than happy to help you for a commission. 

I take all payment through Paypal, and if you’re just feeling kind enough to donate my address is ceilx@live.com

If you’re in a tough situation yourself, I’d ask that you please just signal boost this. I’m just scraping by as it is and I would like to have money for groceries this month. Thank you all so much. 

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