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Sometimes in life you must do things for no reason. This is one of them. Here in this tiny corner of the internets,

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About a couple months ago I came on very hard times and the pokemon community here on tumblr really came through for me. You guys made the last quarter of college possible for me. There was such an interest that I decided to open up a permanent shop, and thus we have Banette’s Toybox. All of my stock is genuine, either from US Pokemon Center Kiosks or imported directly from Japan. Each product has a description of it’s condition and closeups of the tags. Also, if you’re looking for something that I don’t have in-stock, I can order it for you so feel free to message the store with special requests!

I would be seriously grateful if you guys could pass this along. If I can prove this, I can put money towards buying the new Christmas Dolls along with the I <3 Gothic line.  I would love to expand the store so I can provide you guys with consistent, genuine pokemon merch. 

Again, thank you guys for your help earlier in the year. With any luck you guys can help me make this store thrive.


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